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The Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Exploring Its Theological Significance and Ongoing Relevance


The Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Exploring Its Theological Significance and Ongoing Relevance

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is one of the best-attested facts of history. But believing in the resurrection is one thing. Knowing what it means is another. Although much has been written about the apologetics of the resurrection, little has been written about its theological meaning.

This book reveals the hidden depths of the theological significance and ongoing relevance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ for our being, our salvation, Christian life, ethics, and our future hope. W. Ross Hastings explains that the resurrection has profound consequences for who we are. Jesus as the last Adam formed a new humanity when he rose again. This has significance for our regeneration, our future resurrection, the reaffirmation of creation and the moral order, and ethics. Precisely because Jesus is the representative man for humanity, the resurrection also has profound consequences for our human salvation. By his resurrection, who we are changes, but who we are before God changes too. The resurrection is atoning in itself, but it is also the seal of the atonement. It is the gateway to Christ's ascension and high priesthood. The resurrection therefore brings about our justification, sanctification, vocation, and glorification.



1. The Resurrection as Good History
Part 1: Christ's Resurrection Has Saving Efficacy
2. The Resurrection as the Seal of the Atonement
3. The Resurrection as the Substance of the Atonement
4. The Resurrection as the Ground of Participation in the Life of God
5. The Resurrection as the Ground of Vocation and Mission
6. The Resurrection as the Ground of the Bodily Resurrection
Part 2: Christ's Resurrection Has Ontological Significance
7. The Resurrection Declares Jesus's Unrivalled Supremacy
8. The Resurrection Signals Christ's Entry into His Office as Great High Priest and King
9. The Resurrection as the Reaffirmation of Creation
10. The Resurrection and the Nature of the Second Coming

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