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Week 1: Theology of Mission: the Call of the Missional God
The Trinity and Mission: John 20:19-23

Week 2: Christological union – Introduction to Acts. Acts 1:1-5 
The Contemporary Cultural and Social Setting: Issues and Challenges Facing the Church Today

        [Workshop on Research Method for Church Study Project]

Week 3: Theology of Mission: the Kingdom and the Trinity - Acts 1:6-11
       The Contemporary Cultural and Social Setting:
Issues and Challenges Facing the Church Today
Spirituality of Mission: the Community of Prayer - Acts 1:12-26; 4:1-31; 12:1-17

Week 4: Spirituality of Mission: Community of the Missionary Holy Spirit – Acts 2:1-41; 
8:1-25; 10:1-48; 19:1-22
       The Contemporary Cultural and Social Setting:
       Issues and Challenges Facing the Church Today

Week 5: Ecclesial Community in Mission:

(i) Developing a Missional Ecclesiology – Acts 2:41-47; 6:1-7
Models of Effective Missional Churches: Knowing your city: city-wide urban mission in the context of Vancouver. Guest: Jonathan Bird, Executive Director, CityGate Leadership Forum, Vancouver 

Week 6:

(i) Developing a Missional Ecclesiology – Acts 11:19-30; 13:1-14:28 
Models of Effective Missional Churches cont.
New Monastic Communities.

Week 7: Ecclesial Community in Mission:

(ii) Empowering the Church for incarnational, whole person mission – Acts 2:41-47; 4:32-5:11

Week 8: Ecclesial Community in Mission:

(iii) Mobilizing “the whole people of God” as sent-ones through deeds and words - Acts 8:1-4; 12:1-25 Kingdom-service and Kingdom-proclamation, in peace and in persecution.

Week 9: Ecclesial Community in Mission:

(iv) Apostolic Leadership strategies in mission – survey of Acts 13:1-21:16 with special emphasis on Acts 20:13-38
Strategies for Moving the Church Towards Change, Renewal and Service.
Week 10: Guest: Missional church in the margins:  Dawn Humphreys, Strathcona Vineyard 
Guests: Missional Church and the Arts – Nelson Boschman and Lance Odegaard, Artisan Church  

Week 11: Ecclesial Community in Mission:

(v) Proclamation strategies - ‘Evangelists in Jerusalem and in Athens’ – Acts 2:14-41; Acts 6:8-8:1; Acts 8:26-40; Acts 17:16-34.  Contextualization in mission.
Ecclesial Community in Mission: (vi) Privileging the Poor – Acts 4:34; 9:35-37; 10:4-32; 11:27-30 (cf. Galatians 2:9-10); 19:21-24:17

Week 12: Stories of Hope and Challenge from Church Leaders 
Guest: Tim Dickau, Calvary-Grandview Baptist Church.
Future Prospects, Possibilities and Resistances 

Required Texts

Hastings, W. Ross (2012). Missional God, Missional Church: Hope for Re-evangelizing the West. Downers Grove: IVP (Acad.). ISBN: 9780830839551. $26.99
Stott, John R.W. (1990). The Message of Acts: The Spirit, the Church and the World. Downers Grove, IL: IVP. ISBN: 9780830812363. $23.99


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